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Image Building, Model Mentoring And Coaching

Headshots International specializes in creating photography for people from walks of life. As Coaches we work mainly with people who want to look great in front of the camera, build their look and perhaps brand their image.  Headshots International offers coaching  and mentoring for clients who are in the  Modeling, Acting, Talent and the corporate communities.  

Over the years our work is focused  developing  ideas  behind the scenes for advertising and self promotion. Coaching for Individuals proves valuable for those  who work independently requiring images that reflect a looks that projects confidence, style and are on the  leading edge in their niche arenas.  Some clients  are their own brand.  People who fall into this category are Modes, Writers, Actors, CEO's, Politicians, Executives, Attorneys, Real Estate Brokers, and anyone who is in business for themselves.  Our sessions are goal oriented.    YOU never get the second chance to make a first impression.  Images for social networking, promotional materials and mixed mediums for the viewing public will engender confidence for viewers in the public audiences.

Coaching builds confidence and direction. WE bring concept to life.  The minute you decide to be in business you are the business. Anyone working  for themselves has to do self promotion constantly, especially on Social Media, and learn to understand their audience.

Our coaching and mentoring programs work to help develop resources,  staging ideas and concepts to aid in your endeavors. Anyone can get Photos, it's what you do with the photos and their content.

Model Mentoring And The Coaching Experience

Headshots International is located in the Uptown area of New Orleans. We  work as a Division of Stanwycks Photography. Vicki Stanwycks has been shooting Models, Actors, Executives, CEO's and Politicians.  Vicki  knows what the Advertising and Model Agencies are looking for, She  works with them everyday.  Experience, first hand knowledge, and certification are the qualifications for Coaching and Mentoring. Want a Heads Start?

Vicki Stanwycks is a  Model Coach and mentor from a Photographers point of view.  She has worked with countless Models, Advertising Agencies and Agencies. Headshots International's experience is well rounded by knowing what  looks good from a photographer's  points of view.  It's not easy to pose, dress or know what to do first.  We have developed a program that works for our clients eager to break into the industry. We coach individuals and businesses to create publicity and media that works.

Assessment for your Imaging Goals and Ideas

So where does someone start?

Any photographer can offer you a photography session. New Orleans Headshots knows what to do with the Images. If you don't know how to work in front of a camera,  coaching can help you develop your look.

Many successful people hire coaches, stylists and support staff to enhance their look.  As a food stylist prepares food for the camera their are stylists who prepare people for the camera.  And  some of us don't have the money to hire such a network as someone who has a support staff. Some can't afford to go to  modeling school. We all know if we just started....  This is where coaching becomes invaluable. The  Image coach or modeling mentor can develop a strategy that  gets individuals started right away.

Being in front of the camera is hard work. What is trending is key to being able to appeal to agencies and specific audiences.   The competition to be anything  is fierce.  Marketing  is crucial to  success. In the market place one must be strong dealing with the ups and downs of acceptance and rejection.   Strength has to carry us through to bring us to where we need go,  in spite of  obstacles.  Coaching is invaluable.

Our Coaching programs  offer direction to the path of desired success.  We will work with you  to foster growth. New Orleans Headshots are here to motivate and  build images, confidence and create a bridge to see the path to you your goals.

Model and Image Coaching

...from a Photographers Point of View

We have to make clients look and feel good in front the camera every day. We know what looks good in front of the lens, flattering lighting, and work with clients so they can achieve looks and confidence in front of the lens, with agencies, and create portfolios and zed cards... Model Mentoring and Coaching

Coaching, Models, Actors, Artists,

Our Programs begin at $99

Programs require a weekly, bi weekly, or monthly individual commitment. Their are three levels, basic, medium and advanced. Whatever choice you make, together we find your positive path. You will be able to measure your progress by outcome. Tap into your hearts desire,  and make what's in your minds eye a reality.

In Model coaching we develop your look for the camera.  We create the materials you will need initially to visit agencies.  Sessions include Study, Homework, time in the studio and Photography Session's to create images for promotional materials.

Please call to schedule an appointment, to get started.

"Headshots International offers coaching for the serious minded who are serious about developing or branding their image..."

Our initial consultation will determine what sessions will be best for you. Some coaching treats you as a working model, which engenders experience in front of the camera. The best teacher is experience.  We critique many factors as part of the process. You will see. Call us for your consultation today.

Coaching packages offer classes, studio time homework. During an initial consultation, we determine what works best for you look and intended goals.  Our coaching has helped many to a great path in a more timely way.

"The more you work at this and on yourself the more you can become successful. We are motivated to help you succeed."

Call for your free consultation today!

Want to know more about the Modeling Industry and have a great portfolio?

Do you want to feel confident when you meet with agencies? Do you have what you need for your Interviews?

WE can develop your style and work with you to build confidence....

Coaching Sessions and Workshops

We will be your most positive influence...


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