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New Orleans Headshots International Workshops 2013


 On-Going 2013 | Call today   Working in front of a Camera Workshop

We start to develop your style and work with you to build confidence... We offer photography sessions, Hair, Make Up, Posing, and get you in front of the camera during actual hands on photography sessions.


 On-Going 2013 | Call today     How to Start in Modeling

Becoming a Model and where to start. Your Portfolio, Comp Cards, Agencies and what to do first...  You know you want to be a  model but don't know where to begin. We can help.


On-going  2013 | One on One     Beginners Photography Workshops

Beginners Photography Workshops. do you want to know the ins and outs of your camera/ Composition and the computer? We have Workshops and individual classes.


On-going  2013 | One on One       Be A Super Model Weekend

Be a Super Model for a Weekend, Editorial Style Photography and you are the Model... Instruction, Two Weeks Prep, Two Days of Shoot time in Studio and on Location photography, Make Up Artist, Portfolio, Press Book and Prints


On-going  2013 | One on One     Your Self Image Improved

Building your self Image through Boudoir/Glamour Photography... We use coaching and photography sessions to show you how fabulous you can feel and empower you to feel beautiful!


 On-going  2013 | One on One     Wedding Planning Workshop

 So your Getting married and don't know where to begin... Our Studio can help... With over 20 years of Wedding Experiences; and coverage of  a vast array of wedding styles, backgrounds, ethnicities, and venues; we can help you begin the planning process before the actual planning takes place. We give you ideas to think about and logistical details to ponder before concrete planning. These workshops remove a lot of pre planning jitters... Give us a call and we can help.


Model and Image Building Workshops

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...for Models, Professionals and Talent

Individual Coaching sessions are available

We schedule workshops and classes working mainly  with individuals one on one. 

We Pin point what you need to work on.  Consultations one on one get things started. Schedule an appointment today with our studio to discuss your goals, we can help.

We offer various workshops throughout the year and cover many topics. Please check this page from time to time to see if there's a topic that may interest you. Have something you want coaching with? If coaching is something you thought of,  call us. We work with clients individually and from time to time offer group coaching.  Our workshops are serious to us, yet we love to have fun. Each person gets hands on attention. Clients who have taken our workshops and coaching sessions come back all the time....

If you attend group Workshops we try to never take more than 6 people so individuals can have more individual attention. For Model Workshops we cover many things, important to developing looks and style. Our workshops are in the studio and on-location depending on the subjects focus. Individual Model workshops strive to get you what you need to start making appointments. Please call to schedule an appointment so you can get started in our workshops or classes.  We can develop something just for you. 

Initial consultations will determine what's best for you. In some programs we work with you as though you were working. The best teacher is experience.  We critique many factors as part of the process including the images we create both before and after our work has begun.

Model Workshops are different then Coaching. In Coaching we assign homework and several consultations and photo sessions. The Workshops are scheduled times and we work over a designated time for a day or several days.  During a consultation we discuss useful options to further enhance goals; covered - modeling, talent, marketing, individually.  Our coaching can get you started in a good direction, perhaps faster than some other venues.

Coaching and workshops prove invaluable to get the process started towards your ambitions.  Our focus has proved helpful for many, depending on how hard they work at their intended goals. The more you work on yourself the more you gain in a positive way. We are motivated to help you succeed, if you are and take our clients very seriously.

Want to create a great Modeling Portfolio?

WE can photograph you in several outfits and several styles...

Want to know what goes into making great Portfolio? We can show you in one of our workshops... 

Studio and Location Sessions

 Coaching  2013 | Call today
Working in front of a Camera Workshop

Everyone thinks it's so easy, right? In this workshop clothing will be discussed, facial care before the shoot, and different looks will be covered including posing.

2013 | One on One Coaching
Becoming a Model and where to start. Your Portfolio, Comp Cards, Agencies and what to do first...
You know you want to be a  model but don't know whereto begin. We can help. this program is available as well as a more developed program.

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New Orleans Model and Photography Workshops

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