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Headshot, Portfolio & Lifestyle Sessions

New Orleans Headshots, International


Specializes in creating images of people for people. Services include portfolio sessions for the model and talent industry,  executive headshots, lifestyle sessions, corporate assignments, conventions, industrial assignments -  locations - showing people at work, etc.  The studio has it covered... some assignments come up that are productions and we have outside studio resources available if necessary, enhancing projects  including,  stylists,  image consultants, wranglers, set designers, transportation, support staff and logistics.

We work with people from all walks of life.  Sessions are  in  studio or on location.  Location studios are available if  many people  need to be photographed at your location or at the convention center. We can set up backgrounds or use your offices as the background for environmental headshots - portraits.  We love to use the colorful backgrounds of New Orleans as the set.  When hired from other cities  we find  key locations, developing looks there. Great for lifestyle looks especially stars and politicians.

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New Orleans Headshots, International  in the Uptown area of New

Vicki Stanwycks has Been a photographer for more than 25 years and is one of the leading Photographers in New Orleans. She works with people creating images, from concept to reality.   If people are going to be publicized, Vicki Stanwycks knows how to  capture great  images that grab attention.

Internationally and nationally her work has been used in advertising all over the globe for mixed media usages.  Hence Headshots International was born in the late 90's and continues to thrive now. 

Vicki Stanwycks started shooting headshots  and Model Portfolios on Broadway in New York city  in the late 80's. From there, traveled nationally and to Europe shooting in many public arenas photographing people of Glamour,  corporate settings for Advertising, public relations,  annual reports and mixed media usages.  Now she shoots mostly in New Orleans and the Southern Region, offers workshops, life coaching and model mentoring.

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Workshops and Coaching

 New Orleans Headshots, International

We pride ourselves on the images we create for new clients as well and the client base we have already developed.  Many want more then just headshots and don't know where to begin to pull it all together. Actually depending on the profession clients work in,  many need more types of pictures to establish and build a brand.  Entrepreneurs, businesses of all kinds need images of people to promote themselves and their businesses.

Many want to be a model.   It takes so much more then a photo shoot to build your images. We can't make you a model, only you can, but we can lead you in the right direction by creating a  plan that will move you in the right directions.  Clients have grown considerably by using our coaching  to help them with their career challenges. Be it modeling, sales, or any promotional endeavors.

Vicki Stanwycks is a certified life coach and brings skill and experience  to the forefront of  the services of this New Orleans based studio.   Creating pictures is actually the easy part. Once there is direction, a plan for action the photography part comes naturally. For professionals,  Coaching  can mean all the difference to  creating  a successful marketing campaign to a few nice images.   With a plan your images become a successful  tool for building looks and crating your brand.  

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About Our Studio

"Who, What and Where..."

Headshots International creates gallery style images 

Welcome to New Orleans Headshots, International...

New Orleans Headshots, International works with people, building their images in our studio or on-location. We are Photographers, Coaches and offer workshops and mentoring programs for people who want a good public presence publicly, on line or in print. We offer several shooting styles. We have a full service studio and offer coverage's on location. We can arrange make up artists, hair stylists and clothes assistance at your request to enhance your images that much more.

We work with people from all walks of life...

Models, Actors,  CEO's,  Politician's, Musician's,  Talent,  Individuals

Public Speakers, Doctors, Industrial Engineers, Pilots, Fitness,  etc...

Anyone who is in the public eye will benefit from our services and the sessions we offer. We create Headshots, build images creating different looks including standard headshots, edgy headshots, black and white, color, action shots, fun, sporty, interaction, special effects, etc. Whatever the desired look? We can shoot it.  For  Headshots call for an appointment. For more involved assignments, we chat to determine needs,  direction, and the means to make it happen.

Modeling Portfolios, Comp Cards, Actors Headshots, Internet Marketing, Images on Disk for personal and Corporate Usage, Linkedin, Facebook, etc...

Even Internet Dating...


During consultations we discuss goals, ideas, and elements.  We set up an appointment for the shoot. Your on your way!


New Orleans Headshots offers Coaching and workshops for the model who needs  a little experience and to build confidence in front of the camera.  We offer classes from a photographer's point of view.




Vicki Stanwycks, Professional Photographer

Vicki Stanwycks, photographer of New Orleans Headshots, International and Stanwycks Photography has been in the industry for more than 20 years. The studio specializes in shooting people commercially. Headshots and publicity imaging are a style of photography, very different than portrait photography. Headshots are more for commercial usages vs. portraits. Each person is unique, each entity is unique in terms of commercial imaging. Making images for promotional usages require a good working knowledge of marketing and audiences.  We take our job very seriously, as well as your images.





News, Events & Classes


We shoot Every where...

We shoot every where... I am sure you have seen us around town. We go on Location and photograph people in their environment or create environments that are great settings for subjects sessions. New Orleans is a very colorful place and we have some wonderful spots which create great backgrounds and excitement for your final images. Do you have an idea? Tell us! We will make it happen. We have photographed people in the city, offices, board rooms, the Bayou, in  Planes, on Air Boats, and New Orleans own - Steam Boats. If we can get there we can make Pictures.

News and events

Oct. 20, 2013 | Workshop
Taught a Workshop on Photographing People for the New Orleans Photographic Society

December 2013 | Teaching Beginners Workshop

Will be working with clients from Mexico to teach them beginning Photography and how to create images when there is no time to think.

Dec. 2013 | Teaching Digital Darkroom In Studio
Covering Workflow and Lightroom

Everyone thinks that digital photography is  easy and it is if you know what you are doing. The computer is essential.

Model Coaching for the Aspiring Model

Please Check out our Coaching Programs and Model Mentoring. Many don't know where to begin. We have been in the industry for more than 20 years and work with clients from a photographers prospective. It takes two to make great pictures and we work with you on Posing and feeling good in front of the camera.


Corporate Executive or Business Owner, and you are Your Brand...
If you don't know where to start  getting your marketing materials and social networking together, call us. You are the image. If you need to get imaging,  we can help.  We have several coaching sessions available and include Photo sessions as a part of building your image, where you can have before and after views.  Give us a call today!




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